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Permanent Removal: Archiving a Geocache

To archive a geocache is to remove the listing permanently from the website and from public searches. A geocache owner can archive their own listing. A geocache owner cannot unarchive it.

IMPORTANT: If the geocache container is still in place at the time you choose to archive it, please retrieve the container.


If you feel that a geocache listing needs to archived, log onto the geocache page, use ”log your visit” and select the log type, ”needs archived”. Please explain in your log why the listing needs to be archived. This log will be received by both the geocache owner and a local reviewer. The log will not automatically cause the listing to be archived. You may not see any public response to your log.

Please use this log only when there are serious problems with the geocache or its location. Do not use it if the geocache needs repairs, or you didn’t find it, or the location made you uncomfortable. Please consider first contacting the owner of the geocache with your concerns. Use the profile link next to the geocache owner’s name at the top of the geocache page to send an email, as well as logging to the geocache page about your visit.


Visit the page of the listing you wish to archive. Click on the ”archive listing” link in the Navigation box in the top right of the page. Enter some text for the log and click ”Submit Log Entry.”

A warning will alert you, ”This can only be reversed by a reviewer or a site administrator. Use the ”temporarily disable this geocache” option if you only need to take your geocache offline for a short time. If you still wish to archive this geocache, click on the ”yes” button to continue.” Click the YES button to archive the listing. Once your geocache has been archived, please be sure to remove the physical container from its hiding spot ASAP.

Again, this is permanent.

If you simply want to temporarily disable the geocache to give yourself time for repairs, click on the ”disable listing” link in the Navigation box in the top right of the geocache page. You can enable the listing there, when the geocache is ready for finders.


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